Founded in 1999, Mobius Vendor Partners (Mobius) is a business process design, management and performance improvement company with personnel committed to excellence in assessment and deployment. We help our client organizations increase efficiency and effectiveness to gain positive, bottom line impacts.


Bob Kobek, President

Why is a healthy democracy important to achieving your company’s purpose?

In order for democratic republics to grow and prosper, a healthy business climate combined with the rule of law must also flourish and prosper. These two principals are critical to protecting and enhancing freedoms. It is our place as good corporate citizens to work to protect these freedoms.

Why are voting rights important to your business?

Among the freedom we enjoy in our democracy, the greatest and most powerful is the right to vote. If our customers and employees are free to express their preferences on election day, we encourage them to be loud and proud of their choices. In addition, the peaceful transfer of power is emulated in many countries around the world. Without that, there is little to separate us from autonomous governments.

How do you encourage your employees to become more civically engaged?

We have planned discussions on specific current events every day in order to prove our commitment to public service. We also celebrate election day as a holiday with paid time off.

What are your company’s other projects to help support voters, protect elections, and overcome political divides?

We are both volunteers and contributors to campaigns to elect certain candidates to positions that can make a difference in the continuation of the growth of our democracy. We are also active lobbyists of legislation; local, state and federal, that impact the privacy of our consumers.

Why did you decide to become a member of Business for America?

Simple answer - very like minded people.

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