Jennifer Dorian is a long-time resident of Georgia with 30+ years of experience working in corporations and nonprofit service in Atlanta. In June of 2020, she and her friend Betsy Armentrout saw a vital need to support the next Georgia election cycle by engaging and convening Georgia businesses to rally resources, educate employees, and encourage early voting. Jennifer and Betsy co-founded GaVotingWorks.org (from their homes as community volunteers) and are thrilled to be partnering with Business for America and Operation Vote Safe 2020.

In her “day job,” Dorian is founder and CEO of Full Hearted Brands, LLC, a consulting firm helping corporate, start-up, and nonprofit brands grow their business results, fan communities, and engagement. Dorian believes that “life’s too short for half-hearted pursuits,” and she ignites full-hearted passion in the companies and leaders with whom she works.  Dorian helps brands clearly define their mission, vision, voice, and develop fan community strategies for engagement and growth.  

Dorian has real-world operations, strategic planning, and brand marketing experience from brands including Turner Classic Movies, Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, and the Atlanta Beltline Partnership. Dorian served as general manager of Turner Classic Movies (TCM) from 2014–2019, which capped off 20 years of growth at Turner. A graduate of Emory University (BA) and University of Texas at Austin (MBA), Dorian is mentor to many and a volunteer to numerous Atlanta nonprofit organizations. She currently serves on the board of The Atlanta Music Project, Atlanta Beltline Partnership, and the Path Foundation.  She previously served on the marketing committee for US Fund for UNICEF and the board of the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau.