NH Businesses for Social Responsibility and Business for America Launch #VoteSafeNH Toolkit

During this turbulent year, responsible businesses are helping to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees and communities. Just as they are leading with courage and empathy, they are also protecting the strength and very foundation of our representative democracy by helping employees vote safe in the 2020 elections.

On Wednesday, September 2, New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) and Business for America (BFA) will host a webinar to launch the #VoteSafeNH Toolkit at 1:00–1:30 p.m. To register, click here. All New Hampshire employers are welcome to register.

NHBSR and BFA have partnered to help New Hampshire employers educate their employees and associates on how to vote safely in 2020. This initiative, culminating in the #VoteSafeNH Toolkit, educates voters on the process, timelines, and health recommendations for voting in the primary and general elections. It also details specific steps voters need to take to register, vote by absentee ballot or vote in person, as well as opportunities for those in lower risk categories to volunteer at the polls.

Through #VoteSafeNH, employers have easy access to a toolkit of information, presentations, graphics, and a webinar series to help engage their employees in safe voting.

To learn more about #VoteSafeNH, how to get involved, and sponsorship opportunities, visit nhbsr.org/vote or email michelle@nhbsr.org. To learn more about BFA's Operation Vote Safe, visit bfa.us.

About Business for America
Business for America is a nonpartisan network of business leaders advancing solutions to boost civic engagement, reduce political polarization, and modernize government. A well-functioning democracy will help foster a more competitive, innovative business climate in America. Businesses interested in getting involved can learn more at bfa.us.