Bruce is one of the leading figures in the money and politics space. Under his leadership, the Center for Political Accountability led the effort that created the CPA-Wharton Zicklin Model Code of Conduct for Corporate Political Spending. It also produces the annual CPA-Zicklin Index, which benchmarks the S&P 500 companies on their political disclosure and accountability policies and practices, and TrackYourCompany.org, a searchable, sortable database on company political spending. He helped develop the Center’s innovative strategy of using corporate governance to address the risks companies face from political spending. As a result of CPA’s efforts, political disclosure and accountability is recognized as the norm.

He draws on his long experience in journalism, on Capitol Hill, and in strategic public affairs. He co-authored major CPA reports including Collision CourseConflicted Consequences, and Corporate Enablers, the first examinations of the impact of and heightened risks to companies of conflicted political spending. In addition, he co-authored The Conference Board Handbook on Corporate Political Activity and articles in the Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, Financial Times, Directors & Boards, and Barron’s.

Bruce graduated from the University of Chicago and has an M.A. in American history from Brandeis University.