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When you join Business for America, you become part of a growing network of civic-minded businesses taking action to build a healthy representative democracy. Your company’s involvement will help to catalyze a nonpartisan movement of businesses working to help expand civic engagement, protect voting rights and election integrity, and reduce political polarization. Our programs fit in two categories:

Take action. Influence public policy.

Political polarization, declining trust in institutions, and government ineffectiveness are holding our country back and hindering economic competitiveness. What’s more, they’re also blocking you from achieving your corporate purpose and social impact goals.

Whether your top priority is climate, immigration, education, or health care, our dysfunctional political system impedes progress. That’s why Business for America is focused on addressing the systemic root causes that weaken our democracy.

Business can play a pivotal role in helping shape public policies that give voters greater access to participate, protect election integrity, and reduce political polarization. Policy solutions include voting rights, modernizing how Congress works, ranked-choice voting, open primaries, campaign finance transparency, and election security.

BFA provides opportunities for business leaders to meet with and help influence the thinking of policymakers in Congress, the Biden administration, and state legislatures on issues affecting our representative democracy. Through BFA, your company has a platform to take a stand and address the systemic root challenges in our political system with practical, bipartisan solutions.

Engage your employees, customers, and community.

BFA is purpose-built to help purpose-driven companies and business leaders make a positive social impact in their communities. We call it corporate civic responsibility.

We offer educational programming to employees on how to be more civically engaged and create the change they wish to see in their communities.

We also offer programming for managers and individual contributors on civil discourse and dealing with contentious issues in the workplace and polarization in the community. 

Our goal is to deliver brand-appropriate activities that will help create a more engaged civic culture in your company and community. BFA equips you with the knowledge, insights, and tools to align your corporate purpose with our country’s civic health.

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As a Business for America member, you receive a set of useful benefits.

Get strategic advice. Customize your approach.

We advise our member companies — from corporate impact, public affairs, and human resource teams to business owners and CEOs — to develop civic engagement strategies and innovative approaches that align business goals with our country’s civic health. We can help you make the right decisions on the issues that matter most to you, your employees, and your company. 

As the public increasingly looks to business to address social, racial, and economic issues, we will connect you directly with civic organizations, projects, and related opportunities to raise your profile, get your employees involved, and take action.

Connect with other civic-minded leaders. Share best practices.

Our member network provides a valuable forum for companies and business leaders to learn from one another, hear from civic experts and elected officials, share best practices for positive civic engagement, gain media attention, and challenge each other to do more. Join our growing community and help elevate important ideas, spark new insights, and connect with other civic-minded business leaders and corporate social responsibility teams concerned with building a healthy democracy.

Shape the future of Business for America — and the nation’s civic health.

BFA is a member-driven organization that depends on your input. As a member, you play a critical role in shaping our social impact and policy initiatives to address polarization, build a more engaged civic culture, and build momentum for change across the nation. Your company also has the opportunity to develop our legislative/policy strategies and participate in advocacy campaigns at the state and federal level.

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Elevate your brand reputation.

81% of consumers would prefer to buy from companies that support democracy.

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When you join Business for America, you become part of a growing network of civic-minded business leaders taking action to build a healthy democracy.
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