About Us

Across the political spectrum, Americans recognize that political polarization and government dysfunction are holding our country back. According to a Harvard Business School study, political dysfunction is the #1 obstacle to U.S. economic competitiveness.

We believe that the business community and the public have a shared interest in the health of our representative democracy — and we see immense potential for the business community to take a leadership role.

That’s why we created Business for America, a coalition of civic-minded business leaders and purpose-driven companies who are ready to take action and promote government that works for all Americans.

Catalyzing Business Leadership.
Accelerating Change.

Leadership from the business community is more important than ever. Business for America has a strategic plan to mobilize the business sector to help increase voter participation and civic engagement, put meaningful solutions on state and national agendas, and generate the support necessary to drive change.

Adding this civic dimension to corporate responsibility is good for employees, businesses, communities — and all Americans. We’re not just confident that our corporate purpose is good for the world; we’re confident that when our democracy is working well, government will deliver policies that support the positive changes we wish to see in the world.

With growing civic engagement and rising public interest in political reform, the business community has a historic opportunity to use our influence for good. We engage businesses across the country, starting with efforts to get out the vote. But that’s just the beginning. In order to create greater political stability, business needs to help strengthen institutional guardrails, reduce polarization, and support voting rights. BFA also mobilizes businesses to support nonpartisan reforms like ranked-choice voting, campaign finance transparency, and election security. With your help, we can make positive corporate civic leadership an expected part of businesses’ role in our communities to protect and preserve our democracy.

We have a bold agenda and we cannot do it alone. Join us.