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Leadership from the business community is more important than ever. Business for America has a strategic plan to mobilize the business sector, put meaningful solutions on the national agenda, and generate the support necessary to drive change.

As a nonpartisan business alliance dedicated exclusively to helping government work better for everyone, Business for America is purpose-built to help business leaders make an impact.

At the core of our mission is a deep commitment to helping business leaders play a greater role in civic life. And by adding a nonpartisan business perspective on government and election reform, we can move past the gridlock and renew the good-faith collaboration that our polarized political climate desperately needs.

If you share our conviction that America’s future is on the line, we invite you to be part of this important endeavor. Together, we will transform our nation’s political landscape and establish a government of which we can all be proud.

Corporate Civic Leadership

Companies of all sizes are embracing the idea that businesses should not only deliver value to shareholders, but also be a force for good in society. But the potential for the business community to provide a leadership role in strengthening representative democracy has been mostly overlooked — until now.

We’re serving as a guide to the growing movement for greater voter participation, reduced partisanship, increased civility, and healthy democracy. With an understanding of each unique brand, corporate purpose, and stakeholder group, we help craft innovative new approaches to align corporate goals with our country’s civic health.

  • Provide leadership in your community. Set the example for positive civic engagement and community-building dialogue.
  • Boost employee relations. Improved hiring, retention, and employee relationships create measurable ROI.
  • Elevate brand reputation. 81% of consumers would prefer to buy from companies that support democracy.

At the top of our agenda is helping businesses engage their employees, customers, and community with nonpartisan initiatives such as the business-led Time To Vote program for Election Day.

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Policy Education & Advocacy

Our goal is to elevate the business voice for change and put popular, bipartisan improvements to our political system at the top of the agenda — and win. By making the business and economic case for nonpartisan improvements to government and elections, we can help to move past the gridlock and renew the good-faith collaboration that our polarized political climate desperately needs.

We’re leading a multi-faceted educational and advocacy initiative to catalyze the business community to help boost voter engagement, modernize elections, and strengthen representative democracy — thereby reducing barriers to participation in elections, building greater trust in our institutions, and creating a better business climate. In-person and online educational events help educate business leaders and companies around the country about these political reforms and how to get involved.

Our Platform

Increasing the confidence that citizens have in the election system, removing barriers to voting, and overcoming partisan divides will help boost our stakeholders’ civic engagement, strengthen representative democracy, and improve the business climate.

  • Better Security. Modern election systems, improved cybersecurity, paper ballots, regular audits.
  • More Accessibility. Automatic voter registration, no-fault absentee ballots, early voting.
  • Less Polarization. Ranked-choice voting, open primaries, nonpartisan districting.

Federal Action

Our goal is to support national rule changes to ensure elections are both secure and accessible. The result is that more voters participate and have confidence that their vote will be accurately counted and safe from cyberthreats. By upgrading voting equipment, requiring voter-verified paper ballots, allowing voters to register securely online or automatically at the DMV, and offering no-excuse absentee ballots, the number of people participating will grow. We work with partners nationwide to identify opportunities for the business community to weigh in and advance commonsense improvements.

State Action: Pennsylvania

We’re leading a multi-faceted educational and advocacy initiative to catalyze the Pennsylvania business community to increase voter engagement, modernize elections, open primaries to all voters, and more.

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State Action: Missouri

We're in the planning stages of a business-led effort to support nonpartisan political reform and a healthy representative democracy that benefits the citizens of Missouri. Want to get involved? Contact us.

And more!

And more. We’re working on additional state-level initiatives to advance commonsense reforms in advance of the 2022 elections. Want to work with us in your state? Contact us.

Thought Leadership

When you look at the big picture, we believe that democracy is good for business. The focus of our thought leadership efforts is to spread the idea that business interests and the public interest are aligned when it comes to having a well-functioning democratic republic — and how to make it happen.

Our talks highlight the economic cost and social impact of dysfunctional government, proven policy solutions and new innovations, and the future of government and society. We’re helping the business community exchange ideas and share best practices across our network through conferences, business roundtables, networking events, webinars, and more.

By elevating important ideas, sparking new insights, and connecting civic and business leaders, we can help shape public opinion, build momentum for change, and have a lasting impact on our national dialogue. And we’re helping business leaders are providing leadership in their communities by setting the example for positive civic engagement and community-building dialogue.

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