Corporate Civic Responsibility

The Pursuit of Corporate Purpose

Companies of all sizes are embracing the idea that businesses should not only deliver value to shareholders, but also be a force for good in society. Committing to a corporate purpose that aligns values with business activities isn’t just the right thing to do. It can also improve employee and customer loyalty, mitigate risks, and drive business results.

But purpose-driven companies cannot achieve their goals when our government fails to deliver policy solutions. Even policies supported by a large majority of Americans fail in this era of extreme political polarization, institutional distrust, and gridlock.The potential for the business community to provide a leadership role in addressing the root causes of these obstacles has been mostly overlooked — until now.

Business for America (BFA) is building a powerful nonpartisan network of purpose-driven companies and business leaders who are ready to take action.

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Good for Democracy.
Good for Your Business.

Provide leadership in your community.

Set the example for positive civic engagement, bridging differences, and community-building dialogue.

Boost relations with your employees.

Improved hiring, retention, and employee relationships create measurable ROI.

Elevate your brand reputation.

81% of consumers would prefer to buy from companies that support democracy.

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