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BFA is a proud network partner of the Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce (CPRT) at the Erb Institute at the University of Michigan. We urge every company seeking to align their political influence with their commitments to values, purpose, stakeholders, and shareholders to consider adopting the Erb Principles for Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR).

The Erb Principles for CPR offer an actionable, nonpartisan template to help companies determine whether and how to engage in civic and political affairs responsibly.

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BFA members and partners have a shared concern for our nation’s civic and political health at a time of severe strain. We believe that safeguarding constitutional democracy and the rule of law, rebuilding trust in civic institutions, diminishing political polarization, fostering collaboration, and responding as stakeholder expectations evolve are critical not only to our society but also to business’s ability to invest for the future.

We believe business has a shared interest, a responsibility, and therefore, a role to play in supporting solutions to these challenges. Though business is one of many actors in the political process, companies need to examine their role—including when, why, and how they get involved—to ensure they are engaging responsibly in civic and political affairs.

Therefore, we support the Erb Institute’s Principles for Corporate Political Responsibility in the U.S and encourage companies to adopt these principles. Developed in a nonpartisan collaboration with business leaders and diverse stakeholders, these principles build on other commitments to investors, employees, customers, and communities, and will help to evolve the “license to operate” between business and society.

We are convinced that society and businesses will benefit if a critical mass of companies commit to putting these principles into practice. Combined with complementary efforts, we believe they will foster an environment in which more companies will thrive, more Americans will prosper, systemic risks will be reduced, and trust in our civic institutions will be restored.

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