BFA Members

Business for America brings civic-minded companies together to promote government that works for all Americans by boosting civic engagement, ensuring election integrity, bridging partisan divides, and advocating in Washington D.C. and state capitols for political reforms.

When we first launched Business for America, people were often confused as to why the business community cares about democracy. Some even thought the business community might prefer gridlock and political dysfunction.

The reality: the business community sees its interests aligned with the public interest in having a well-functioning representative democracy. Here’s why:

  • Employees & Stakeholders. Companies believe that every stakeholder — employees, customers, communities, suppliers, and shareholders — deserves a voice in our government. And they believe they have a responsibility to protect it.
  • Corporate Purpose. Companies working to address major issues — climate, health, education, etc. — often find progress is blocked by dysfunctional politics and disengaged voters. Achieving corporate purpose requires engaged citizens and a responsive government.
  • The Economic Bottom Line. The Harvard Business School says that political dysfunction is the #1 issue hindering economic competitiveness. Our country’s economic business climate requires a reliable, accountable government that can solve problems.

When it comes to protecting our democracy, no two companies are the same — so we’ve asked our members to tell you about it in their own words. Please check out their stories linked below their logos.