Trillium Asset Management

Trillium Asset Management offers investment strategies and services that advance humankind towards a global sustainable economy, a just society, and a better world. For nearly 40 years, the firm has been at the forefront of ESG thought leadership and draws from decades of experience focused exclusively on responsible investing. Trillium uses a holistic, fully integrated fundamental investment process to uncover compelling long-term investment opportunities. Devoted to aligning stakeholders’ values and objectives, Trillium combines impactful investment solutions with active ownership. The firm delivers equity, fixed income, and alternative investments to institutions, intermediaries, high net worth individuals, and other charitable and non-profit organizations with the goal to provide positive impact, long-term value, and ‘social dividends’. Trillium has $5.7 billion in assets under advisement ($4.8 billion AUM and $900 million in model assets as of 6/30/2021).


Matthew Patsky, CEO

Why is a healthy democracy important to achieving your company’s purpose?

Trillium believes that a strong democracy is linked to a strong economy and is fundamentally important for a just and sustainable society. When companies actively and enthusiastically support civic engagement it sends a positive message to all company stakeholders: employees, communities, suppliers, and shareholders.

Why are voting rights important to your business?

For many Americans, voting is a challenge as employer scheduling demands often compete with the time it takes to stand in line and cast a ballot. This means that companies are uniquely positioned to help educate and support their employees as they try to exercise their right to vote. Unfortunately, not all companies have taken up this opportunity to support American democracy. Some companies take a barebones compliance approach, doing only what the law requires. While other companies have robust civic engagement programs that provide flexibility and time off to vote. Recognizing the importance of this issue, Trillium has engaged with dozens of companies to understand and influence their policies and practices in an effort to encourage their improvement.

How do you encourage your employees to become more civically engaged?

Trillium is proud to provide all its employees with up to 10 hours of PTO to vote or volunteer at the polls over the course of a year. We know how important voting is and want to make sure that our employees have the time they need to be civically engaged.

What are your company’s other projects to help support voters, protect elections, and overcome political divides?

Recognizing the unique role that corporate America plays, Trillium is pressing the companies that can make a difference, to take this opportunity and to become part of the solution. Doing so can benefit our democracy, can increase employee satisfaction, and we believe, improve the bottom line. To do so, Trillium has engaged dozens of companies to provide their employees with paid time off to vote. We have successfully worked with a number of companies to move from a compliance mindset to offering meaningful amounts of time for their employees to vote.

Why did you decide to become a member of Business for America?

Business for America is a leader in the effort to support voters and strengthen our democracy. Being a part of the network it has created helps us do our work better and puts us in contact with like minded organizations. These collaborations not only are good for Trillium, but help us further our mission.

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