YottaDB develops open-source database software that is used around the world in enterprise-scale, mission-critical applications, but also scales down to embedded applications.


K.S. Bhaskar, President

Why is a healthy democracy important to achieving your company’s purpose?

As a company pushing the software technology envelope, innovation is critical to our business success. We believe that innovation requires the freedom to think independently and competitively. Only a free-market economy with a stable democracy can ensure the type of open society that encourages truly innovative thinking.

Why are voting rights important to your business?

Voting rights are the oxygen of democracy, and healthy civic engagement that is fair, secure and accessible to all is essential for fostering innovation.

How do you encourage your employees to become more civically engaged?

As a small company, I make sure that employees are aware of our electoral processes, deadlines, and ways to be civically engaged.

What are your company’s other projects to help support voters, protect elections, and overcome political divides?

As a small start-up, the company needs to stay focused on our business. However, at the personal level, I am very active in efforts to identify voters of communities who have not traditionally been engaged with elections and the machinery of democracy to become more knowledgeable and engaged. I have developed software to try to identify such voters, so that I can then work with community organizations doing outreach. Also, I am currently an elected public servant at the local municipal level.

Why did you decide to become a member of Business for America?

For many of the reasons stated above, it is important for businesses to advocate for stable and healthy democracy that benefits our employees and community. Membership in Business for America helps to amplify the voices of companies like ours, while providing a platform for us to join like-minded companies and individuals to make a greater impact.

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