Jabari K. Jones is the founding CEO of the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative (WPCC), an economic development benefit corporation.  WPCC manages the largest coalition of small businesses in West Philadelphia, representing and advocating on behalf of twelve diverse commercial corridor shopping districts and over two thousand independent companies. WPCC’s mission is to create, connect, and advocate for resources to help residents start new businesses while helping existing companies with the representation, access to opportunities, and support they need to grow, thrive, and hire.

A strong believer in the power of corporate social responsibility and the ability of private sector innovation to change lives, Jones has been successful in forming partnerships with major corporations like AT&T, PECO-Exelon, and Automatic that have realized over $400,000 in philanthropic investments in West Philadelphia.

Jones has written and advocated for pro-small business policy at all levels of government, successfully raising over $1 million in public investments. Locally, Jones’ work on championing ways for local investment to be inclusive has earned him recognition as a thought leader and appointments on board positions in oversight and advisory on over $23 billion in public-private investment.

Jones has a B.S. in Business Legal Studies along with a Certificate in Social Responsibility in Business and a Certificate in Brand and Reputation Management from Drexel University.