2024 Election Resources

Empowering Your Employees in the 2024 Election

The 2024 elections will be consequential not just in electing our next president, but a chance for voters to select their elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels.

As a business leader in the era of mis- and disinformation, you have an opportunity to be a trusted source of election information for your employees to exercise their constitutional right. Below are some strategies and tools to help you maximize your corporate civic engagement and #GetOutTheVote.

Why is company support for employee voter turnout so important?

  • You can remove barriers to civic engagement
    Work commitments consistently rank as a top obstacle to voting.
  • You are a trusted messenger
    “My employer” continues to rank as one of the world’s most trusted institutions, much more than government and media.
  • You already have the communication channels
    Company communications provide the most consistent platform for sharing information across an increasingly complex — and biased — media ecosystem.

7 strategies to create a voter culture at your company

  1. Share nonpartisan, actionable resources and reminders
  2. Start sharing early so employees trust you as a resource
  3. Recognize Election Day and civic holidays as company holidays
  4. Hold registration drives and add registration reminders
  5. Highlight volunteer opportunities, like working at the polls
  6. Provide flexible “civic hours” including time off to vote
  7. Make the experience, fun, social, and celebratory

Digital tools to boost employee civic engagement

A number of tools can help you maximize your employees’ civic engagement that fit your goals, company culture, and existing tool set. The tools below can help you save time, run a more engaging program, and make a larger, measurable impact.

Time To Vote

Over 2000 companies across the country have joined Time To Vote, the nonpartisan, business-led movement to make sure workers never have to choose between earning a paycheck and casting their ballot. By participating, your company can contribute to the culture shift needed to increase voter turnout across the nation. To join, you simply make a commitment to ensure work schedules support your employees voting. You may also wish to encourage early voting or vote-by-mail options, offer paid time off on Election Day, or make it a day without meetings.

We’re proud to work with Time To Vote and encourage your company to join. Sign up online or contact us to get started today!


Motivote partners with employers, schools and nonprofits to help communities navigate the voting process and build civic habits. We provide both a digital "program-in-a-box" branded for your organization and wraparound planning/strategy support.

Based in behavioral science, Motivote's user-friendly digital tool applies proven nudge strategies to help voters overcomecommon "microbarriers" like missed deadlines, busy schedules and confusion. Focused on the 'what's next' after registration, we provide personalized action roadmaps that guide voters through making plans - a strategy proven to increase turnout. A true one-stop-shop, it covers ID requirements, ballot education and more all in one place.

Data shows users vote at higher rates across all age and demographic groups, and our vote-plan reminders have a statistically positive impact.

  • Engaging, personalized, and easy to follow
  • Social, celebratory, and inclusive for non-voters
  • Actually non-partisan

For employers, Motivote is the only voter engagement resource offering single-sign-on (SSO), making it easy to drive usage and integrate the tool as a "civic benefit."

To learn more: contact hello@motivote.us to get in touch with our team, or book a demo here.


BallotReady provides a nonpartisan one-stop shop for voting information: making it easy for voters to register, learn about all the candidates on their ballot, sign up to vote by mail, and find their dropoff location or polling place.

  • Meaningful employee engagement: whether your customers and employees are first-time voters or politicos, BallotReady makes it easy for them to level-up their civic engagement
  • Local and evergreen: the BallotReady platform includes primaries and local elections so there’s always a way for voters everywhere to take action
  • Business-focused best practices: brands like Levi's, CBSViacom, Tiktok, and Spotify use.

Want to learn more? Contact Alex Niemczewski at BallotReady.


VoteAmerica uses technology to simplify political engagement, increase voter turnout, and strengthen American democracy. Americans don’t need to be convinced to vote, they need to be able to vote. VoteAmerica increases turnout by identifying and aggressively removing knowledge gaps in the voting process.

  • They have productized our knowledge by building embeddable software applications that can be integrated easily into already-existing customer and employee workflows.
  • Their software covers the full voting life cycle, from pre-registration workflows to help finding your Election Day polling place. The software is battle tested, SOC 2 certified, and HIPAA compliant.
  • They also offer a Civic Data API that provides 100+ data points per state of election rules, deadlines, and requirements. You can build your own election center for employees or customers using our data as your backbone.

VoteAmerica has extensive experience working with customer facing brands and large employers on high-impact, relatively low effort mobilization campaigns that benefit your company's brand, your customers and employees, and US democracy writ large.

Want to know more? Contact Laurie Lenninger at VoteAmerica.

Citizen Connect

Citizen Connect has a single, simple webpageElection Participation Guide — with a handful of essential resources to make it easier for all Americans to have their voice heard at the ballot box. This nonpartisan page helps voters cast their ballot, and help fellow citizens do the same, without telling anyone what to think or for whom to vote. Resource links provide straightforward ways to get registered, vote smart, work the polls, and help get out the vote.

Citizen Connect is a front-door to over 600 nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations working to fix our politics and strengthen our democracy. The site makes it easy for everyday Americans to find the organizations, events, and content that moves them personally to civic action.

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