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You’re committed to strengthening democracy.
Motivote helps you streamline and scale your support.

Motivote is a nonpartisan web-based platform for civic engagement to help your employees become regular voters. Powered by behavioral science, it is designed to make voter engagement easy, social, and fun!

Business for America is excited to offer companies the opportunity to utilize Motivote in the 2022 elections. To learn more, contact us.

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What Is Motivote?

When you use Motivote as a corporate team, you’re building community, living out your values and super-charging employee and customer voter turnout. Your company will get:

  • A branded platform. Designed around your corporate look, feel and structure.
  • Actionable data. Team leaders can see how many actions their team has taken to get ready to vote - and celebrate turnout through “I Voted” selfies!
  • An innovative, science-backed tool. Motivote is 100% based on the behavior of voting, not who you vote for. It’s based on behavioral science best practices like gamification, plan-making, and social accountability.

Here's what makes Motivote different

  • Gamified, interactive actions are more engaging & effective than one-way reminders
  • With teams & prizes, tailor your dashboard to your community and culture
  • Make a measurable difference with clear data on impact and reach
  • Optionally layer in Custom Actions for even more engagement & civic education, year-round

With Motivote, getting out the vote is just the beginning. Our mission is to build civic engagement habits. By piloting this tool, you’re not only helping your team members make good on their desire to vote — you're also helping shape a powerful tool to help everyone truly engage with our democracy.

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Business for America is proud to work with Motivote and would like to invite your company to pilot this program in 2022.

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