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Motivote empowers companies to run high-impact voter engagement programs that help employees and customers navigate the voting process.

Our proprietary framework is proven to increase turnout with the same behavioral strategies that help us go to the gym, save money, and learn new skills.

Research shows people de-prioritize voting because of life’s little - and institutionalized - barriers. We designed a platform that helps individuals break through these barriers and vote by making the experience easy, fun, social and rewarding.

Motivote’s engagement platform doesn’t just tell users when, where, and how to vote — it's proven to drive actions by gamifying the voting readiness journey.

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What Is Motivote?

Motivote is a web-based, mobile friendly digital platform that helps leaders save time and quantify their civic impact.

Our framework uses proven behavioral science strategies – also known as “nudges” - to support voter turnout. These include plan creation, automatic reminders, progress tracking, rewards, and leaderboards.

  • A branded platform. Designed around your corporate look, feel and structure.
  • Actionable data. Team leaders can see how many actions their team has taken to get ready to vote - and celebrate turnout through “I Voted” selfies!
  • An innovative, science-backed tool. Motivote is 100% based on the behavior of voting, not who you vote for. It’s based on behavioral science best practices like gamification, plan-making, and social accountability.

Here's what makes Motivote different

  • Gamified, interactive actions are more engaging & effective than one-way reminders
  • With teams & prizes, tailor your dashboard to your community and culture
  • Make a measurable difference with clear data on impact and reach
  • Optionally layer in Custom Actions for even more engagement & civic education, year-round

For Voters:
Every Motivote user has access to a research-backed roadmap that walks them through the voting journey — from registering to casting a ballot. It includes:
     - State-specific voting info, in user-friendly language
     - Personalized voting plans, broken into bite-sizes steps
     - Automated email & SMS notifications, tailored to each voter’s plans

Then, on top of core journey, you can layer your choice of engagement features that align with brand and engagement goals:

Teams: Create flexible groupings that reflect your community to make participation fun & social. Think Employee Resource Groups, store locations, regions, self-created- it’s up to you! Use leaderboards to layer on competition.
Rewards: Positively reinforce progress with real-life rewards. Add your own prizes into a private Prize Store - or participants can pick from gift cards, discount codes and merch from dozens of Prize Store partners.

For Leaders:
     - Branded portal with your company’s look, feel and voice
     - Create, manage and track Voting Teams
     - Publish Custom Actions accessible only to your network
     - Manage Custom Rewards to celebrate and motivate your members
     - Segment groups by state, registration status, voting progress, invites & more
     - Choice of integrated resources for voter registration and ballot requests (incl. Vote-org,         Turbovote, VoteAmerica or state portals)
     - Access to real-time, aggregate data so you can quantify engagement

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Business for America is proud to work with Motivote and would highly encourage your company to consider leveraging this platform to engage your employees in the 2022 election.

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