Operation Vote Safe

Mobilizing the Business Community for a Safe & Secure 2020 Election 

In addition to its toll on public health and our economy, the COVID-19 pandemic also threatens to disenfranchise voters and cause widespread chaos on Election Day. Most states’ election systems will be strained beyond capacity due to:

  • Massive increases in absentee voters combined with high voter turnout
  • Shortage of poll workers and polling facilities due to health concerns
  • Insufficient resources for mail-in ballot processing and safe in-person polls

What if these shortfalls are not addressed? Can we afford the national turmoil of an election where voters and public officials don’t trust the results?

Let’s not find out.

The business community can make a difference by contributing personnel, facilities, and resources to ensure the 2020 election is safe, secure, and accessible to all.

Business for America (BFA), as part of the nonpartisan VoteSafe coalition, is mobilizing a national network of civic-minded businesses to support election administration in their communities and across the country. Businesses will be invited to support elections by providing:

  • Employee volunteers. Poll workers and ballot counting operations.
  • Equipment and supplies. Safety supplies like personal protective equipment and hand sanitizer, equipment like high-speed ballot scanners and dropboxes, and office supplies like pens and sorting bins.
  • Facilities and logistics. Polling places in empty offices or warehouses, fleet vehicles for ballot pickup, ballot dropboxes on company property.
  • Tech. Pro bono election technology and cybersecurity consulting.
  • Communications. Voter guides, social media content, public service announcements.

Business for America is building partnerships with state election officials, election administration experts, and civic-minded businesses to roll out Operation Vote Safe in up to 10 states.

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