February 1, 2022

Vote by Mail is Essential to a Healthy Democracy

During the 2020 election, several million Pennsylvania residents cast their ballots by mail. This process change, which was authorized with bipartisan support through Act 77 in 2019, proved indispensable during the pandemic.

Businesses across the state support vote by mail because it gives employees greater flexibility to participate in the democratic process, especially during a pandemic. As workers juggled school closures, childcare, transportation, and the need to prioritize their families' health, absentee voting enabled Pennsylvania families to vote safely from home. Companies recognize that in order for all eligible Pennsylvanians to vote safely and securely in the fast-approaching 2022 elections, mail-in voting must be preserved.

Last Friday, however, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ruled that Pennsylvania’s vote by mail system is unconstitutional. The lower court’s ruling is likely to be brought to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, where we hope the decision is overturned. Republicans and Democrats worked together to establish this popular and secure voting option, and the legislature should work with the governor to preserve it.


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