October 11, 2023

BFA joins call for transparency in 2024 presidential election

Business for America is proud to join more than a dozen nonpartisan campaign finance and government watchdog groups in urging every presidential hopeful to publicly report information about their top campaign fundraisers — often referred to as “bundlers” — on a regular basis ahead of the 2024 presidential election. 

Presidential candidates have long utilized bundlers to help raise the funds necessary to wage competitive campaigns. While legal, the practice is opaque, and it has long been a bipartisan tradition to voluntarily release information about these elite campaign fundraisers. Over the years, the practice has been embraced by Democrats and Republicans alike, including former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, among others.

While individual donors are prohibited from contributing more than $6,600 to a single presidential candidate’s campaign, bundlers pull together much larger contributions by soliciting contributions for their preferred candidates from their personal and professional networks.

“Bundlers frequently raise vast sums of money for candidates, often hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars, which may help them ingratiate themselves — and curry favor — with those candidates. Under both Democratic and Republican administrations, campaign bundlers have received plum postings, such as ambassadorships and positions on commissions,” the letter to the candidates states.

Government accountability depends on transparency in our campaign finance system, and that includes transparency about presidential campaign bundlers. Knowing the major contributors to political candidates will also help increase public trust in our election system. We call on every presidential candidate to regularly, meaningfully, and publicly release information about campaign bundlers throughout the entire 2024 election cycle.

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