August 3, 2022

PA Business Leaders Want Voting to Be Secure AND Convenient.

Back to Business PA applauds the decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court yesterday to uphold Act 77, permitting the wildly popular mail-in voting system to stay in place - for now.

Ballot drop boxes provide a secure and convenient way for Pennsylvania citizens to vote. Established after passage of the bipartisan Act 77 in 2019, Pennsylvania rolled out hundreds of ballot drop boxes across the state, both in densely-populated urban and rural communities, to give voters the option of hand delivering their ballots securely. Yesterday, Pennsylvania’s highest court rejected partisan attempts to curb mail-in voting. "We find no restriction in our Constitution on the General Assembly's ability to create universal mail-in voting," the majority opinion reads in a 5-2 ruling.

Business owners and their employees across the state support ballot drop boxes because they provide Commonwealth voters with flexibility, convenience, and the confidence that their mail ballots will be received on a timely basis. Pennsylvania businesses strive every day to improve the services and goods they provide their customers. They expect the state legislature to do the same by providing voters with modern, convenient, and secure voting improvements including ballot drop boxes.  

“Pennsylvania businesses rely on engaged employees, so it’s essential that employees have safe, secure, and convenient access to vote, whether in-person or by mail,” said Richard Eidlin, national policy director of Business for America who is behind the Back to Business PA campaign in partnership with the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative. “Pennsylvania election officials work incredibly hard to ensure the vote is accurate and trustworthy, and that every eligible voter has a voice in how the state is run. Ballot drop boxes are an essential part of making every vote count.”

The court’s decision doesn’t mean the uncertainty around mail-in voting is over, with some state representatives vowing to take the issue to the U.S. Supreme Court. Back to Business PA opposes efforts to make it more difficult to vote. We will continue our work to raise awareness of these efforts and advocate for secure and convenient access to the ballot box.

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