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December 19, 2022

Businesses urge Congress to fix the Electoral Count Act

Modernizing this antiquated law has broad bipartisan support and is essential to preventing a constitutional crisis that would throw our economy into chaos.

This week will provide Congress a consequential moment before recess to pass critical reforms to the Electoral Count Act of 1887 (ECA) in the omnibus spending bill. We wish to thank Senators Schumer and McConnell and Representatives Cheney and Lofgren for their commitment to reforming the ECA and urge Congress to take swift action.

Earlier this month, representatives of major businesses visited Capitol Hill to voice their support for ECA reforms, which have bipartisan support and would not advantage either party. They conveyed that the business community has a bottom-line economic interest in protecting our democratic institutions, and that public trust and the peaceful transfer of power are essential to the country's economic well being. While the House and Senate negotiated the bill’s details, the companies underscored the importance of passing legislative reforms before the end of the year.

Business for America (BFA) coordinated the meetings between members of Congress and Bitwise Industries, Cummins, Hannon Armstrong, Marriott, PepsiCo, Salesforce, and the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce to advocate for Electoral Count Act reform. The group of business leaders met with the offices of Senators Marsha Blackburn, Mike Braun, Joe Manchin, Jerry Moran, Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, and Jeanne Shaheen to express the business and economic case for fixing the antiquated language and passing legislation to ensure stability and confidence in our elections. The effort is a culmination of a campaign including a business sign-on letter to Congress which was released today and includes more than 50 companies and trade associations.

“The future of our republic relies upon effective election administration, public trust in the results, and the peaceful transfer of power — and so do our markets and businesses. Our country cannot afford a constitutional crisis,” said Sarah Bonk, the founder and CEO of Business for America. 

“Our member companies want to make sure their employees have a voice in our government. If the Electoral Count Act can be manipulated and valid votes thrown out, then there’s a serious risk that employees’ voices won’t be heard. This will further erode public confidence in the integrity of our democracy and contribute to more political instability,” said Richard Eidlin, national policy director at Business for America.

Charles McCray, leader of federal affairs at Salesforce added, "Business leaders understand that a thriving economy is underpinned by a healthy, functioning democracy. Salesforce is proud to join the Business for America coalition in its efforts to pass the Electoral Count Reform Act — an important bill that seeks to provide clarity and rebuild trust in our elections and democratic institutions."

“Inclusion of the Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act of 2022 in the omnibus appropriations bill introduced today will strengthen the democratic process and promote confidence and economic stability following a presidential election” said Christopher Padilla, Vice President, IBM Government and Regulatory Affairs. “IBM commends the leaders in both houses of Congress who worked across party lines to bring this bill forward. We look forward to it being signed into law.”

Cummins, a global manufacturing leader based in Indiana also supports reform. “Cummins is proud to support the bipartisan Electoral Count Reform Act. Volatility and ambiguity in our elections eventually increases business costs, stifles efficiency, and discourages market participation. Passing the Electoral Count Reform Act protects our elections from interference, reduces business risk, and ensures our representative democracy remains strong.”

The voices of small business were also represented. “Our nation was built by entrepreneurs who believed that if they worked hard, invested, and sacrificed, they could create a successful business. Today these small businesses have a strong voice in public policy,” said Frank Knapp, president and CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce. 

Businesses stand together to urge Congress to ensure the public trust and the peaceful transfer of power by continuing the bipartisan momentum to address the flaws in the Electoral Count Act immediately. These reforms are essential to the stability of our elections, our national security, and our economic well being.

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For more information, visit bfa.us/eca and contact Richard Eidlin, richard@bfa.us, (303) 478-0131‬

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