September 17, 2021

It’s Time to Get Back to Business and Stop Investigating the 2020 Election

Despite the continued economic challenges facing thousands of Pennsylvania businesses and several million residents, the Republican-led legislature continues, without merit, to investigate the 2020 election. Pennsylvania has already conducted two post-election audits confirming the accuracy of last fall's count, with the results having been certified. Rather than focus on the urgent task of economic recovery, some in the legislature are devoting taxpayer monies to an ill-defined and dubious ‘forensic investigation’ of all ballots cast for the 2020 presidential race. The investigation will put at risk the private information of millions of Commonwealth residents. It will also further undermine public confidence in our election system.

Lawmakers leading the effort have not explained how it would be run, whether best practices for an audit will be followed, what the process is for selecting contractors, what role partisan politicians will play, how the review will be documented, or how election equipment and ballots will be secured.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania’s economic recovery and ability to address the pandemic continues to suffer. Our Back to Business campaign includes a growing coalition of small and mid-sized businesses urging the state legislature to focus on crafting bipartisan policy solutions to help the Commonwealth recover economically instead of pursuing partisan efforts to suppress the vote and make it harder for voters, especially Black and Brown individuals, to cast their ballots in 2022.

To learn more, visit bfa.us/back-to-business-pa.
For more information, contact Jabari Jones, WPPC at Jabari.Jones@westphillycc.org.

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