June 9, 2022

January 6 Hearings and the Rule of Law

On January 6, the United States came the closest it has been to constitutional failure since the Civil War. And today the bipartisan House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol began its series of public hearings to elucidate what crimes were committed. 

The bedrock of America is the rule of law.

Americans have many different viewpoints on whether we have too many laws or too few, what those laws should be, whether they’re enforced fairly, and a million other perspectives. These disagreements cannot disguise this fundamental truth: that the success of our nation, our economy, and our shared prosperity is due in large part to the stability created by our system of laws. Without rule of law, there is no accountability. It leads to corruption, instability, chaos, and ruin. The business community has a vested interest in the protection and fair application of our laws. 

Business for America’s founder Sarah Bonk said, “For the business community, these hearings are about presenting the evidence and applying the rule of law, not partisan politics. Business for America joins countless business and civil society organizations calling for transparency into what happened and accountability for all unlawful acts before, during, and after the events of January 6th.”

Richard Eidlin, BFA’s national policy director, added, “Our community of civic-minded business leaders includes Democrats and Republicans, Independents and third-party supporters. While we have different ideas about the best direction for our country, we know that the health of our economy and society are dependent on protecting our system of constitutional democracy and the rule of law.”

While the focus today is on the faction of Republicans responsible for the events leading up to, during, and after the events of January 6, it’s essential to keep an eye on the bigger picture. All political parties must continually strive to protect the democratic institutions that are foundational to our economic successes. Business for America calls on every American business to join us in taking action to protect and promote our constitutional democracy and laws upon which it depends.


Businesses, business organizations, and trade groups are invited to join Business for America’s efforts to advance essential reforms in Congress, including the Civics Secures Democracy Act and reforms to the Electoral Count Act.

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About Business for America
Business for America is a nonpartisan network of business leaders advancing solutions to boost civic engagement, reduce political polarization, and modernize government. A well-functioning democracy will help foster a more competitive, innovative business climate in America. Businesses interested in getting involved can learn more at bfa.us.