January 6, 2022

January 6 Illustrates the Global Erosion of Democracy; American Business Must Act

On the anniversary of the January 6th riot at the Capitol, Americans are still coming to terms with its unsettling implications for our nation’s democratic institutions. American businesses, too, are grappling with the reverberations of that day, as well as what to do about it.

At Business for America, we support the nonpartisan investigations and holding accountable those who engaged in criminal behavior. We also applaud the many businesses who over the past year took a critical look at their corporate political spending to ensure that those who receive campaign funds actively support democratic values. We urge all companies to ensure their future donations go to those supporting free, fair, accessible, and secure elections that represent the will of the people. Democracy should never be a partisan issue.

Many in the American business community also recognize that this was not an isolated occurrence. The chaotic events of January 6 are a symptom of a decades-long erosion of democratic institutions and values in our country, and reflect a worldwide trend where support for democracy is declining, social and political polarization is growing, and authoritarianism is on the rise. Reversing these trends requires business leaders to look at and address the root causes.

In 2022, we are doubling down on our call for the business community to take the threats to our democracy seriously and take action. Let us put this plainly: Encouraging employees to vote and issuing statements is important — but it is simply not enough. Left, right, and center, each of us must recognize our stake in having a system of government that functions well for the public interest as well as business interests, and then we must do something about it.

In our view, democracy is the best system of government for a fair, competitive, and sustainable market-driven economy. Political stability and respect for the rule of law are essential to the business climate. As acceptance of authoritarianism grows, the threat to economic prosperity is real. We invite every American company to join us in ensuring that the democracy which has allowed us to flourish will persist for generations to come.

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About Business for America
Business for America is a nonpartisan network of business leaders advancing solutions to boost civic engagement, reduce political polarization, and modernize government. A well-functioning democracy will help foster a more competitive, innovative business climate in America. Businesses interested in getting involved can learn more at bfa.us.