May 8, 2021

On May 8 John Lewis Day of Action, Business for America Advocates for Passage of HR4

Business for America is proud to support the events of this Saturday, May 8th, the national John Lewis Day of Action with local events and “votercades” in over 100 locations throughout the US. Every American deserves free and fair access to vote, and we applaud this day as a moment to reinforce the importance of passing HR4, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.  

For businesses, ensuring that everyone can register and cast their ballot without difficulty is a moral imperative. We have a responsibility to ensure that the voices of our employees and communities are heard. This means voting must be convenient and secure, and voters must be able to exercise their right to vote free from discrimination and intimidation. Engaged employees are not just good for business, but are critical to a healthy democracy.

Warby Parker Co-Founder and Co-CEO Dave Gilboa stated, “We must end the cycle of voter suppression. With over 40 states considering legislation that limits voter access, it’s critical that business leaders work to ensure every eligible citizen has fair and equitable opportunity to vote in local, state and national elections—and we urge lawmakers to take immediate action to protect this fundamental right.”

"Bipartisan support of the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (VRAA) will be a litmus test for whether democracy is a shared value in this country," said Jeff Eckel, chairman and CEO of Hannon Armstrong. "We urge lawmakers to come together and pass the VRAA to ensure that every American will have equal access to voting."

Congratulations to all of the organizations behind the John Lewis Day of Action, and thank you for your support of passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Companies are invited to join Business for Voting Rights by signing the business letter to Congress urging passage of the VRAA. For more information, please contact us.

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