April 28, 2023

Pennsylvania businesses support pre-canvassing to increase trust in elections

Business for America | Pennsylvania is pleased to see HB 847 pass through the PA House State Government Committee. If approved by the House and subsequently the Senate, HB 847 would ensure more timely counting of mail and absentee ballots by allowing county election workers to pre-canvass up to seven days before Election Day. 

In 2020, when 2.6 million Pennsylvanians voted by mail, the Commonwealth found itself unprepared to handle the volume, leading to extensive delays in reporting results. Pennsylvania’s inability to announce election results the same day has led some voters to question the reliability of the entire election system. This national embarrassment has become an unwelcome tradition. In addition, it puts both our democratic institutions and the state’s business climate at risk.

Pre-canvassing is a critical solution for state-wide election administrators to prepare votes to be counted on election day. A functional election system is critical to creating a market-friendly environment in which businesses can thrive. As business owners, we feel responsible for the interests of our employees, customers, communities, and economy. That is why we are speaking out to support a solution that combats the election misinformation and polarization which we have seen in our workplaces. 

Business for America | Pennsylvania is leading a business campaign urging the PA House and PA Senate to pass bipartisan legislation to allow pre-canvassing of mail-in and absentee ballots. Businesses are encouraged to sign onto a letter urging passage this year. Pennsylvania cannot afford to be unprepared for the 2024 presidential election and must deliver results in a timely fashion for the sake of a stable democracy and economy.

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