February 15, 2024

Statement on AI + Election Security Coalition sign-on letter

The rapid evolution of AI and its use by malign actors present serious threats to the integrity of our election infrastructure. Many businesses are concerned about the negative impact that deep fakes and AI-generated disinformation may have on employees’ confidence in the trustworthiness of the election system. Such doubts undermine the efforts of thousands of businesses to encourage greater civic engagement in the 2024 election.

Business for America (BFA) is proud to be part of the nationwide AI + Election Security Coalition, which released a sign-on letter addressing federal, state, and local officials on February 14th. The letter acknowledges the potential dangers of AI, but also the positive ways AI can boost election security. The Coalition represents an acceleration of efforts to secure the 2024 election against threats enabled by AI – and to identify opportunities to leverage emerging technology to safeguard the democratic process.

To learn more about BFA’s work on election AI, please contact Richard Eidlin, national policy director.

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