November 20, 2020

Statement on the Transition and GSA Ascertainment

As our nation faces the dual challenges of controlling the spread of COVID-19 and rebuilding the US economy, it is imperative nothing diminishes our public and private sectors’ capacity to tackle these issues.

Based on vote counts across the country, every major media outlet has called the election for Joe Biden. A number of states have already certified the results. The voters have spoken, and it is now time for the Trump administration to prepare for a smooth and efficient transition of power. However, the current GSA Administrator has not yet ascertained President-elect Biden’s apparent victory, a critical part of the transition process.

Ascertainment will give Biden’s transition team the essential access and resources it needs to develop a COVID-response and vaccine-distribution plan. Without ascertainment, the president-elect’s team must plan for a crisis response without access to essential information about vaccine development, the nation’s supply chains for protective equipment and testing supplies, and coordination with federal, state, and local authorities. Health care companies, manufacturers, and other businesses are eager to do everything they can to address our public health crisis. To ensure they can work seamlessly with the federal government, ascertainment must begin immediately.

Given the magnitude of the threats to our economy and public health, it’s imperative that our nation has a president and team who are fully prepared to lead our nation on Inauguration Day. Although the court challenges regarding election results are a part of our democratic process, these legal proceedings must not delay the transition process. American lives and livelihoods are at stake.

For the sake of Americans' safety and well-being, we urge the Trump administration not to delay the transition process any longer. We call on the administration to work cooperatively with President-elect Biden and allow key individuals from the Biden team to access critical government personnel and information immediately. There is no time to waste.

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