Voting is a fundamental right and the cornerstone of our republic.

It's simple, really. Every American deserves free and fair access to vote.

For businesses, ensuring that everyone can register and cast their ballot without difficulty is a moral imperative. We have a responsibility to ensure that the voices of our employees and communities are heard.

‍At the same time, guarding voting rights protects the business interest in a healthy society, well-functioning government, and favorable economic climate.

The business community is calling on Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and build the truly representative 21st century democracy our country deserves — and our economy requires.

Companies are invited to join Business for Voting Rights by signing our letter to Congress urging passage of the VRAA. For more information, please contact us.

Democracy is good for business.

Now business can be good for democracy, too.

At Business for America, we believe that the business community can help to overcome political polarization and preserve our country’s representative democracy.

By working with  employees, customers, and community stakeholders, we can transform the relationship between business and politics and help make democracy work better for everyone.

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Corporate Civic Responsibility

Companies of all sizes are embracing the idea that businesses should not only deliver value to shareholders, but also be a force for good in society. As disillusionment with government and politics reaches historic highs, it’s time for the business community to add a new dimension to corporate responsibility.

With the 2020 Elections on the horizon and rising public interest in political reform, the business community has a historic opportunity to use our influence for good.

We’re looking for innovators and first movers excited about our bold agenda and ready to take action.

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Making an Impact

As the only business group dedicated exclusively to “corporate civic responsibility,” Business for America is purpose-built to help business leaders and purpose-driven companies make an impact.

With an understanding of your interests, stakeholders, and community, we connect civic-minded business leaders and purpose-driven companies with opportunities to get involved and take action locally and nationally.

Our work includes:

  • Engaging your employees for voter participation and civic renewal
  • Showing civic leadership in your community
  • Advocating for popular, bipartisan policy change
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