Disagree Better: A Governor’s View on How Business Can Bridge Divides

Americans are exhausted by the hyperpartisanship and polarization in our country, and rightly so. Toxicity and conflict have not only overtaken news, politics, and social media; they have also entered our workplaces. Join Business for America and Utah Gov. Spencer Cox to learn about Disagree Better, and hear from prominent business leaders on how to bridge differences. For our country to thrive, we must take action and address the dangerous divisions in our communities — before it is too late.

Apr 25, 2024
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
Apr 25
Apr 25, 2024
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Disagree Better is an effort to show Americans can work through our differences to find solutions to the most difficult problems facing our states and our nation. Originated by the National Governors Association during Governor Cox’s chairmanship, the initiative has brought Americans renewed hope as Republican and Democratic governors demonstrate how to disagree without being disagreeable.

At this event, Governor Cox and business leaders will share their stories about modeling behavior to de-escalate conflict, listen to understand, and have productive disagreements. We will also discuss business-centered activities to help bridge divides in our workplaces, in our communities, and in our country’s politics. Companies of all sizes, industries, and parts of the country will be invited to join activities that are a fit for their values, brands, employees, and stakeholders.