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The Challenge. The 2021 Indiana Civic Health Index ranks Hoosiers among the bottom nationally when it comes to voter registration and turnout. For Indiana to become a more attractive place to live and work, civic education and participation metrics must improve. The Indiana Civics Coalition, led by the Indiana Bar Foundation, needs allies to help close this gap — and the business community can help.

The Indiana Business Alliance for Civics. As part of the Indiana Civics Coalition, BFA is mobilizing Indiana businesses, business groups, and individual business leaders to speak out in support of K–12 civic education, highlighting the economic reasons for investing in civic education. The alliance will:

  • Advocate for bipartisan support for K–12 civic education across the state
  • Establish and grow partnerships between regional businesses, communities, and schools
  • Explore employee civics programming for Indiana companies.

Why Businesses Care. Research shows that many young people lack a basic understanding of government, the Bill of Rights, and the responsibilities of a citizen. Civic education produces a better informed and more engaged citizenry, which leads to a better educated workforce and stronger business climate. Continued neglect of civic education will weaken our communities, democratic institutions, and economic competitiveness.

The Role of Business. Business leaders can play an essential role in addressing Indiana’s civic education gap by stepping outside the partisan fray and promoting constructive bipartisan dialogue.

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Indiana Business Alliance for Civics

The following companies have committed to participate in the Indiana Business Alliance for Civics.

Business Signatories

  • A&W Travels
    The Abbi Agency
    Arcweb Technologies
    Aspen Skiing Company
    Bitwise Industries
    Carolina Pet Resort
    Chosen Futures Consulting
    Columbia Books & Information Services
    Dainamic Consulting
    Davis Law Group
    DSher, Inc.
    EPRE Consulting
    Flux Technology Services
    Hannon Armstrong
    Hims & Hers
    Key Medium
    Law Office of Lara Pearson
    Lou and Nancy's Workshop
    Martin Sloane International
    NextCo Corporation
    Pat Hancock Real Estate
    Pixel Parlor
    Profitable Purpose Consulting
    RE Source
    REI Co-op
    Rivanna Natural Designs
    Sherlock Geopolitical Forecasting
    Shifting Patterns Consulting
    Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
    Springhead Social Impact
    Unity Lab
    Washington DC ArchAngels
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