Modernizing Congress

Congress is running on 20th century technology.
It's time for an upgrade.

Antiquated operations and processes, out-of-date technology, and 20th-century personnel and management practices make it difficult for members of Congress to provide business and other constituents with the level of service they deserve — including businesses, large and small.

In 2018, six Democrats and six Republicans formed the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress with the goal of making the institution more effective and efficient, and to work better for the American people. At a time when Congress is increasingly polarized, the committee has been an exciting model of bipartisan progress and comity.

The bipartisan committee’s work drew to a close at the end of 2022 and resulted in over 200 recommendations on improving the adoption of technology and changing long-standing rules and norms. So far, 132 of the committee’s recommendations have been fully or partially implemented — but there is still more to do.

In the 118th Congress, BFA is mobilizing the business community to advocate for adopting additional recommendations to revitalize Congress to make it work better for every American. Please contact us if your company wishes to partner with us in our bipartisan efforts to enact solutions.

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