Demme Learning

Demme Learning is an independent family-owned and operated publishing company. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Demme Learning has been providing innovative learning solutions for homeschoolers, parents, and small group learning environments since 1990.


Ethan Demme, CEO

Why is a healthy democracy important to achieving your company’s purpose?

We are in the business of building lifelong learners and a healthy democracy is the best system for ensuring that people have the freedom to learn. A healthy democracy also ensures a system of rules and laws that allows a business to grow and thrive.

Why are voting rights important to your business?

Voting rights are important because they ensure that our employees and customers have a voice in their communities.

How do you encourage your employees to become more civically engaged?

We send out regular communication about how to vote, when elections are taking place as well as lists of voter guides (from across the political spectrum) to help our employees make informed decisions.

What are your company’s other projects to help support voters, protect elections, and overcome political divides?

We believe that respectful dialogue among people with diverse viewpoints is important and we encourage people to discuss their political beliefs with each other in a respectful manner.

Why did you decide to become a member of Business for America?

BFA is actively working to promote the role of business is building civic responsibility and that is something we support.

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