April 27, 2023

BFA statement in support of increased civic education funding in 2024

Today Business for America issued a letter of support for increased investment in civic education to leaders of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee in charge of education. The funding would provide $73 million in new grant funding to the American History and Civics-National Activities and American History and Civics Academies to support programs that promote innovative instruction, learning strategies, and professional development in the field of civic education.

The business community has a bottom-line economic interest in protecting our democratic institutions. Investing in civics education will produce a better educated workforce who understand the function of government and their duties as citizens. This will help reduce polarization and better enable Americans to make informed decisions.

“It is essential to our country’s future that we restore the importance placed on civic education in American classrooms with targeted federal investments to support and expand access to civic and American history education.” said Sarah Bonk, the founder and CEO of Business for America.

Last year, BFA organized an effort to mobilize businesses to pass the Civics Secures Democracy Act. Although that bill did not pass, the 2023 omnibus spending bill appropriated $3 million for American History and Civics Academies and $20 million for a competitive grant program for evidence-based practices “to improve teaching and learning about the history and principles of the Constitution of the United States.” The increased federal funding comes as recent polling once again demonstrates strong support for civic education from parents and voters across the political spectrum.

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About Business for America
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