Business Coalition for Voting Rights

Business Letter to Congress in Support of the VRAA

In the 2020 election, thousands of companies encouraged their employees to vote, helping to create a voter culture in which our nation’s workforce sees itself as having a stake in elections and public policies. Companies that support Business for America and other election initiatives now have another historic opportunity to foster a healthy democracy by supporting the Voting Rights Advancement Act (VRAA).

Join our coalition of civic-minded companies working to ensure that every American can vote.

The Business Coalition for Voting Rights, organized by Business for America in partnership with nonpartisan voting rights organizations, believes that voting is a fundamental right and the cornerstone of our republic. It is essential to our country’s future that our employees and communities have a voice in government. For businesses, ensuring that every citizen can register and cast their ballot without difficulty is a moral imperative. uarding voting rights also protects the business interest in a healthy society, well-functioning government, and favorable business climate.

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