Managing Political Risk in 2024

Join us for actionable insights and best practices to help your company or association manage risk in today’s volatile political climate.

Apr 11, 2024
9:00 am
1:30 pm
Apr 11
Apr 11, 2024
Washington, DC
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Amid a tumultuous election and global instability, 2024 will be a challenging year for individual businesses, business associations, and the broader economy. The business community has much at stake; including its ability to satisfy diverse stakeholders clamoring for action, the bottom line, and brand reputation. Smart business leaders will want to be proactive in understanding the social and economic risks of a volatile political climate. Having a plan in place to navigate the coming uncertainty will be essential.

In partnership with NABPAC, Business for America is offering a half-day workshop for professionals to gain insights and discuss strategies on how to manage risk in a politically fraught environment. The program will enhance your internal readiness by providing a deeper understanding of the trends and root causes — globally and domestically — driving hyperpartisanship, political instability, and attacks on business. Participants will leave with actionable insights, resources, and best practices.


By joining the half-day workshop, you will:​​

  • ​​Gain a deeper understanding of the trends driving political instability, civil discord, and political attacks on business
  • Learn best practices on how to build a cross-functional team and internal plan to respond to current events, controversy, and political backlash
  • Be better prepared to advise your C-suite or board on how and when to respond, privately and publicly, to internal and external pressure
  • Refine your strategy for evaluating risk and deciding when it’s appropriate, based on a set of principles, for your organization to engage on policy issues
  • Explore ways to expand employee and member engagement programming to promote civic health and combat polarization
  • Gain access to resources and tools that can be put into action right away
  • Grow your network of civic-minded business leaders


Bruce Mehlman, Partner at Mehlman Consulting

Marc Scarduffa, former leader of Government & Public Affairs at Pfizer for 22 years, and founder of Avanti Forward Thinking Government Relations & Public Affairs

Sarah Bonk, founder and CEO of Business for America, and veteran of Apple (nearly 15 years) and American Electric Power (5 years)


Doors at 8:00AM - coffee and continental breakfast

Session starts at 9:00AM

Lunch provided

Event ends at 1:30PM

Detailed agenda coming soon!

Who should attend?

Public Affairs, Government Relations, PAC professionals, Corporate Comms, Corporate Impact, and related disciplines.

Join us and get ready!

Whether your organization is dealing with current pressures or assessing emerging risks, it’s smart to be prepared. The Managing Political Risk in 2024 workshop is an insurance policy to navigate political uncertainty, calibrate your message, decide how to engage your employees or members, and grow your network.